About Us

- “Why do you decide to open an Italian restaurant in Vietnam?” -

Sometimes my clients ask me this uncomfortable question and sometimes I answer this way:

- “I dreamed I had a bath in the green tee!!” - …….It sounds funny but it’s the truth!

I love to get soaked to the skin into the Asia World, I love to be in Asia, it is my world and of curse I love food as well: my mother is a perfect Italian housewife and a excellent cook and I learnt a lot from her.

While studying graphic design at the Art Academy in Berlin, I kept alive my cooking passion working part time in the catering industry.

Since my young age, it has always been a dream of mine to open a place like Santimatti, and finally, after being working in and around the restaurants for the past 20 years, I did it!

I always wanted to create something that reflected my personality and skills, and Santimatti is just that: Something between Art and food.
It was my dream, but it ended up being a partnership between my wife Vi and me.
She’s overseen everything. She’s the main supervisor of the restaurant itself.
I gave her my vision of what I thought the restaurant should be, and she fulfilled it. She’s also taking care of our accounts, working behind the bar, organizing our inventory and a hundred other things.