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Santimatti is an authentic Italian restaurant with genuine and well prepared food that respects the Italian culinary tradition.
The antipasti (appetizers or starters) are usually more substantial than what you would have at home and they are a real assortment of delights: home made asiago cheese, home made mozzarella, Italian cold cuts, marinated aubergine, home made dry tomato, green or black  olives, grilled vegetables, bruschetta, rosemary focaccia. 
Then there's the "primo," usually a pasta or Italian (Arborio rice) risotto dish or perhaps a soup or a sostantious gnocchi (potato dumplings). This is followed by the "secondo," the main course, ……………………………………………..perhaps accompanied by a contorno (side-dish) and served with mineral water and wine. After this there's fruit followed by coffee, dessert and a liqueur or sweet dessert wine.


Italy's glowing reputation with wine is due not only to the fact that it produces and exports more than any other country but that it offers the greatest variety of types, ranging through nearly every color, flavor and style imaginable.
Italian producers have moved rapidly to the forefront of world enology, improving techniques to create wines of undeniable class in every region, north and south. Their wines derive not only from native vines (Italy has more than 2000 registered grapes), which represent an enormous array, but also from a complete range of international varieties.
In the past it was sometimes said that Italians kept their best wines to themselves while supplying foreign markets with tasty but anonymous vino in economy sized bottles. But markets have changed radically in recent times as consumers in many lands-most importantly in Italy itself-have insisted on better quality.